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It's what I do....


So what can I tell you about myself?

Who am I?

Well I'm a Painter.... I have been since I was able to pick up a brush and make a mess with paint. Born in Cambridgshire, I then moved to Nottinghamshire, before settling in Leicestershire. So I guess you could call me a Midlander - if you wanted to. I attended an all boys, fee paying Grammar, until I was sixteen and after being told to leave, as art was not their thing (I was obviously excelling at art and failing my academics), I continued my A Levels in a Community College, before taking a Foundation course in art, in my home town of Loughborough. I then went on to study a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting, at Loughborough College of Art & Design, graduating in 1997.


Since that time, I have lived all over the country, worked many jobs, from a Senior Outdoor Pursuits Instructor, to a Teacher, a Local Authority Officer and running different charities in London. In order to do those jobs, I gained qualifications, that included a PGCE in Key Stage 2/3 Design & Technology, a Level 6 Certificate in Management and Leadership, an MBA in Educational Leadership (International) and a First Class Honors on another MBA in Business, that I studied at the same time as the other MBA. It's true that everyone learns at different stages, at their own pace and in their own time. I'm currently the General Manager for Autograph ABP, ensuring that Rivington Place Art Gallery in London, is as good as it can be for everyone that steps through the door. I have now lived in London since 2007 and I currently live in a warehouse community in Hackney, which is where my studio is.

So, my pathway with art has been very different to many, but a lot like most artists that aren't part of the art bubble. At times, I've lived a peniless life as a Painter, dedicating my full time to it and living well beneath the bread line. I've been homeless. I've lived with £1 a day for two years and I've even been paid £50 a week for a full time job. So, maybe, you can see why I gained qualifications, in order to increase my earnings. Fundamentally, the more I earnt, the more I've been able to paint and the happier I've been for it.




So, I'm not coming to painting at a late age, I was born to it. I've had the struggles along the way, fighting my need to paint with the reality that I can't unless I earn the money. I wish society wasn't like this. I wish we lived in a world of barter, where my toil was given to growing crops from the land and my painting existed around it. I've often kept my true identity as a Painter secret from work colleagues; so they don't perceive me to be the stereotypical art student failure, that both they and my close family have viewed me as... at times. I wish peoples' skills and qualities were equally accepted and weighted on merit. But they can be. So this is me. And here is my art....

So why buy my art?

It's what I do. I have always painted and it has never been about making money. I like to paint. Perhaps, that's why so many people have picked up a bargain from me. Maybe, that's why I've never made a lot of money from selling artworks. Also, for now, I have a job. I like this balance in my life... between the workplace and my studio at home. So, I have integrity and my work is authentic. I paint because I want to and if you don't like the picture, you don't have to take it. It's quite simple really and I won't get offended. By approaching me to paint for you, I hope that you know what you like from what you have seen already and that you know you will be purchasing a piece of art, a painting worthy of both our investment in time.


I'm not represented by a gallery! My prices aren't inflated and your'e not paying twice as much as you could do. That's one side of the coin. The other is that my art is determined by me. I'm not stuck with one style, because the gallery has 7 clients lined up for me that want paintings just like the last. I produce paintings as I want to. I may well produce a series of paintings, but they're created through a natural evolution of expression and understanding. The art projects that I'm involved with are achieved with a finer sense of self, that provide insights to who I am and reveals me... the Painter.


Ofcourse, they're unique! You really are buying something that no one else has. Most art is unique, but so much of it is similar to another. I'm not spinning a canvas and applying paint to it. I'm using as many techniques as I've mastered over the years and balancing them with the sensitivity required to create a succesful painting. First and foremost, it is a painting that you are buying. Not a one dimensional process of applying paint. Most of my art is rich in texture, mark making, light and colour. The majority of my abstracts use acrylic paints, gloss, varnish, enamels and other types of media.


It's an investment. I don't produce hundreds of paintings a year! Buying from someone that sells lots of paintings doesn't increase your investment. You know this already. If the supply is small and the demand is high, the value of your purchase is worth more. Buy something that you can't purchase from anywhere else and that few others have the opportunity to enjoy. Buy in to authentic art. Value the integrity of a Painter. Truly measure quality and challenge your value system.

I don't have a particular style, nor am I part of a genre. However, the fibonacci spiral and ratios have been an inspiration to me, allowing a structure for my artwork, whilst I paint freely with no set goal in mind. An abstract piece of work can reveal the subconcious and clarify the 'now'. However, a figurative portrait can create an interest, a controversy and capture moments in real time. One is not better than the other. I also paint landscapes. These landscapes are mostly made in Spain, where I have a 600 year old house in the second highest village, beneath the highest mountain in mainland Spain. My paintings of the landscapes provide me with meditative moments, in a peaceful retreat, that I've yet to feel rivalled anywhere else. There, I paint what I see and choose colours and tones based on the light I feel. However, I prefer to not be put in a box and associated with a particular genre. I'm making art. I'm painting. Call my style whatever you like!


What's my style of painting?

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